Hello, DEAR! We are glad that you have come across this webpage. And we truly believe that YOU, as well as every lady out there, is PRECIOUS and special in the eyes of God. ‘Woman’s story’ is a women’s initiative in Riga, Latvia. There are three pillars our initiative stand upon.


Self-worth. Identity. No outer thing, nor people can give your true identity. No money, even if you have earned it from your own diligent effort, can add a value to your personality and true-self. Being so fragile our identity is distorted by every rejection, every failure, every comparison and lack of faith that we are truly precious in God’s eyes! For Him we are precious, even if we don’t measure up to all the standards out there; because there’s a deeper standard that He has shown – His resemblance in us!


Our calling. God’s will. We are not called to meet our full potential in all the areas of live – career, family, sports, hobbies... However, we are called to live the life that God has tailored especially for us, as we abide in His will; – a life that is honorable, right and complete; a life that brings restoration, healing and abundance. This is our mission!  


Beauty. Mirror. Why do we enjoy beautiful things so much? Do we see perfection in them? What is the ultimate standard of beauty? What does it mean to be and feel pretty? What are the things that make us feel especially beautiful – a mirror, feelings, comparing oneself to other women, compliments and words of affirmation from people around? In the eyes of God, you are the most beautiful woman – every day. His eyes are always fixed upon you – His BEAUTIFUL daughter!


The initiative started in a form of meetings.  We met and fellowshipped two times a month on Thursday evenings to explore God’s fingerprints in our lives. Our evenings were held in Vilande Church basement cafe where in a cozy atmosphere sitting at the tables every woman, regardless of her denomination or faith, could be encouraged by listening to stories of other women. Evenings were filled with stories, music, tasty snacks, prayer time and beautiful photographs as a reminder of the gatherings. All the study materials were uploaded onto this website after each gathering, so that women from other places in Latvia could organize such evenings in their city; – evenings of rest, meaningful conversations, encouragement, studying, new friendships and strength to carry on.


We learned to seek and write down ways how God has used our lives, how He has been by our side in highs and lows, and how our experience and everything we’ve been through leaves an impact on ourselves and those around us. All of us have gone through similar experiences – trials, challenges, victories, moments of happiness and loss of a dear one. Every woman’s story (as unimportant as it may seem to herself) has brought a lot of encouragement to other ladies.

Currently there are no gatherings happening in person. However, we encourage women to meet one on one, or in small groups to share their stories and encourage one another. At the same time, every woman, regardless of her denomination or faith has an opportunity to take part in eight-week on-line course (The topics of each week are as follows: Created beautiful; Past and family inheritance; Forgiveness; Addictions/Idols; Woman’s calling and mission; My unique story; How to find and write my own story?).


For the past three years we have been taking part in educational and meaningful free time activity mission ‘SOFT’ meant for teenage girls. We organize different events and conferences, as well as summer camps, creating various resources for group and individual studies.


In order to keep up the good work, ensure daily administrative and organizational work, development of new study materials and work on new projects, we invite everyone who has it on their hearts to support the significance and development of these two initiatives for women and teenage girls in Latvia.

Our future plans include:

  • Ensuring and covering all the needed resources for administrational and technical work;
  • Covering all the expenses connected with organizing different events;
  • Developing new resources for individual and group studies (currently we are working on a new study material);
  • Offering support for women in crisis;
  • Encouraging women to fulfill their ambition in education, business and ministry;
  • Expanding our little library (books for girls and women);
  • Getting co-financing for current projects – eight week online course, camps for girls and other events.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank each and every one of our friends and supporters!


Photos from the gatherings can be seen on Facebook, however, in music section you are welcome to listen to songs that have been played and sang in our evenings.